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Бабочки и мотыльки (Насекомые и бабочки) Sp6844. Insects moths: Sphingidae, Rhodambulyx sp. Vietnam. Lam Dong

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Note: There are sensitive specimens I always write "note", I only sell according to customer requirements, you should consider before buying.
Moths have a lot of oil to secrete after drying
Moths have a lot of chalk dust.
    1. The picture you see is what you get.
        Data accompanying the specimen.
     2.shipping Price: $ 15 (buy things in the total shipping time is still $ 15).
     3.Payment by paypal.

Note: the sample was scratched by a wild and some specimens themselves naturally secreted by fat for some species of butterflies and moths.
Please read carefully before buying, some specimens sensitive you should consider before you buy, or an agreement between me and you.

       Wish you a successful workday. Thank you.