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Antique Maps of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana/1910/PLUS BONUS MAP/Hammond

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  • C. S. Hammond
  • Antique Original
  • Atlas Map
  • Political Map
  • 1910
  • Louisiana
  • Dallas and New Orleans
  • 1910-1919
  • United States of America
Antique Maps of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana/1910

BONUS MAP: Also included is a National Geographic Society map from their Close-up U. S. A. series. This one has Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Texas. It can be enlightening to compare antique maps tp more modern day depictions of the same states. 

These antique maps of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana show some age discoloration around the outside edges, areas that are customarily covered by the frame or matte when framed for wall mounting. The rest of it is clear of such discoloration; the map colors are clear and bright. Oklahoma and Louisiana are one-page maps. Portions of Texas are on the reverse sides. Unfortunately, you can only view three quarters of Texas at once because the panhandle is on the reverse side of eastern Texas. So, if you buy it to have Oklahoma and/or Louisiana framed and mounted, you're OK, but if you want it in order to have an antique map of Texas for reference purposes, like I do, you're also OK. But you can't have both, unless you don't frame and mount OK and LA.
These old maps often have many place names that no longer appear on modern maps, and therein lies their value and their allure. I wore out some old maps of Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas hunting down old settlements and mining camps. In many if not most cases, the history of these places and the people who lived there is lost forever. Who wrote the history of Taft, Montana, a rip-roaring hell-on-wheels town at the end of the Great Northern Railroad that was burned to nothing by the great firestorm of 1910 that blazed through northern Idaho and western Montana, killing everything in its path that was too slow or too unlucky to get out of its way? No one did, or ever will, but we found its remains. I once found a map that showed the town my mother was born in, a town that didn't appear on any map published after 1920 that I ever found. I still have it framed on the wall of my home office.
Someone out there will find a gem, or several gems, on these old maps.

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