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Сантехника (Архитектура и сад) antique 1900 wall mounted victorian toilet restored rare elongated bowl

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  • Restoration
  • 1900s
  • Brass
  • Antique Original
  • Toilet
  • Restored
  • Medium Wood Tone
  • Antique early 1900 toilet restored.

  •  What was done : acid bath to de-mineralize bowl water jets in order to restore original functionality, removing stains, polishing of bowl, removal of 4” protrusion at end of “s” trap underneath bowl so that it can be used with standard 3” drain pipes, re plating of all hardware, striping off of all wooden parts, re gluing all wooden parts where seams were coming apart, bleaching of stains on wooden parts, sanding all wooden parts, applying new finish,  fabricating new copper liner, installing all new tank parts, testing for leaks and proper function, installing new toilet seat bumpers on seat .

  •  The hardware is nickel plated,

  • Tank and seat are made of quarter sawn oak.seat is original, rare item.          

  • I am a licensed plumber. LICENSE NUMBER: 857653                                                                                                                       

  • IMPORTANT NOTES: Rough in dimension is 14",  elongated bowl sticks out 31"