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Маски (Юго-восточная Азия) Bali hand carved mask from the I. B. Sutarja Shop signed by I. A. Sri Asmaradewi

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Bali hand carved mask and hand painted from the I. B. Sutarja Shop signed by I. A. Sri Asmaradewi (Woman's face no nose or mouthl) Purchased from the most exciting mask gallery I've even seen in Bali in the mid 80's. It's the gallery and shop of an old brahman family in Mas, a village south of Ubud. The father, I. B. Sutarja (1934 - 2002) was a priest and a famous wood (especially mask) carver. Since he passed away in 2002, the business is run by his wife I. A. Madri and their 12 children. The quality of the carvings (most of them painted masks) is high and not to compare with the stuff one usually gets in Ubud's souvenir shops. They make traditional masks but create as well innovative new styles. The gallery is full of old and new carvings- It's like a museum. It's the most exciting shop I've seen on Bali so far. Traditionally mask carving was a man's job only and they have broken tradition with his daughter I. A. Sri Asmaradewi doing many of the mask carvings. I do have the 2nd mask she ever carved in my collection.